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The most sophisticated cargo tracking solutions in real time for security and management. I Spy Africa's integrates a GPS receiver, a cellular network modem (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), and a built-in accelerometer giving you a full control on all possible events and situations through its automatic remote operation, system stability, and continuity.

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You are in control of a wide range of situations and will be alerted if the container is broken into, even if the break-in bypasses the door. You can pinpoint your container's location even aboard a ship on the high seas and where there is no GSM network signal. For refrigerated containers, you receive an alerts when power is connected or disconnected, and when the temperature rises or falls. You can also log the history of temperature readings throughout the voyage.you can know exactly when a container has reached the intended destination keeping you can be aware of its every movement.

You have an edge in terms of the service provided to your customer because in case of an unexpected change of plans you can organize the appropriate response. For example, since you know exactly when the container left its last port of call, you can get prepared administratively in real time.
You are confident that in any unexpected situation, the system will function automatically. For example, if the container's door opens in an authorized area, you are automatically alerted on your cell phone
You receive continuous performance with less need for maintenance, thanks to the ability to monitor the container for a lengthy period without a battery recharge.
You will enjoy our user friendly system providing you with very few simple operations so as to define reports, alerts and their destinations arrivals. For example, you could specify a monthly report to be e mailed from each port on the container route, and an immediate SMS to be sent to your personal cell phone if the container starts traveling in an excessive speed over land.

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You have the advantage of high quality in a system that complies with the automotive industry's demanding standards.