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Your Cargo Transport Fleet represents one of the biggest investments your organisation makes. You can only attain a good return if the fleet runs efficiently and securely in line with the goals and objectives of your organisation.

We are proud to introduce I Spy Africa Ltd ECT-1 system. It is the only fully functional wireless GPS/GPRS/GSM and RFID monitoring solution currently in the regional market

Hi-G-Lock in action


In many cases the employees are usually involved in the theft of the cargo they are entrusted to transport. Simply tracking the cargo is not enough,
knowing when its content is being tampered with, removed and where is just as important


I Spy Africa Ltd ECT-1 provides the solution to solve this problem. ECT-1 is our GPS/GPRS device with embedded active RF module. It has the ability to continuously monitor the unlock/lock status of the RFSeal securing the outlets
I Spy Africa Ltd ECT-1 is the most advanced Wireless RFID Transport logistics solution that will re-define the way you provide services/solutions to your customers. This solution is reliable and cost effective helping to put you in control of the Fleet