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  • "Escort team escorting explosives;
  • "Cargo recovery"


Abnormal Cargo Escort Services offer a pilot/escort vehicle service that is second to none with over twelve pilot/escort vehicles on call we can supply as many pilot/escort vehicles that are required.

Extra arrangements

We can also arrange a second man in the pilot/escort vehicle if required saving the haulier time & money. All our drivers have been involved with the haulage industry at one time or another & will assist if necessary with the loading & unloading of abnormal loads.

We recognise the importance of the Escorts role in complying with legal & safety requirements. When notifying the movement of an abnormal load (or abnormal load vehicle); the police may ask for a self-certificate or other evidence to show that the vehicles and personnel to be used comply with the Highways Agency Code of Practice (Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads and Abnormal Vehicles).
Traffic Management Plan We can provide a TM plan supported by on-board CCTV to support you AIL movement/route survey. Police or Local Authorities may require a TM plan, especially for large/repetative moves.
Escort through Continuity of Escort from pre-arranged lay-up point to another. Typically on an arterial route where client wishes to 'hand-over' in order to avoid overnight stays and excessive return mileages.
Escort to destination Continuity of Escort from pre-arranged point through to final destination eg loads that require Escort for final portion of the route only (benefitting from our local knowledge).

Escort to destination

Escort from source Provide continuity of Escort from loads source to an agreed position or lay-up point. This will typically require local knowledge and apply to loads that may not require an escort along arterial routes but require Escort for the initial portion of the route.


Escort from source through to destination A sequencial combination of the above services, providing the Escort from source right through to final destination.

Day work system

Escort day work If you have a number of local journeys or a Traffic Management role in mind. you may find a 'day work' quote more convenient.

Event Support If you are planning an event that requires use of the road you may wish to consider Road Pilots to assist with marshalling and safety of competitors and the general public.
Route Surveys If you are planning a move and are looking for either; a comprehensive (on-board video/photographic) survey, or a simple, low-cost initial route(s) feasibility opinion