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  • "Fleet Management Solution"
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I Spy Africa's Fleet is a unique offers and standard for companies that require the high levels of vehicle and operational information. The system includes unlimited Fleet Basic web access, giving full vehicle control and operational asset management. I Spy Africa's Fleet is mainly suitable for Fleet owners who require to simply track the vehicle to know: its location in a timely manner, vehicle trip reports and check routings, where the vehicle stopped, durations, time started, time finished, how long on idling and many other simple but effective features for the transportation industry

Extra arrangements

Benefits Fleet Basic increases productivity, improves customer service and reduces accidents through driver monitoring and accountability. Its accurate records give companies a clear picture of their operating costs. Besides the administrative convenience, the system can lower running costs by reducing labour, fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, as well as communication and clerical costs.
Fleet Basic puts a company in total control of its workforce; encouraging improved service, a more productive working environment, effective territory management and inspiring greater customer confidence. Fleet Basic improves scheduling and driver productivity by keeping you and your client informed at all times of the location of cargo vehicles, with access to accurate proof of service reports.
Fleet Basic makes it possible to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the client, thus reducing logistical costs, improving customer service, and allowing for better route planning and vehicle maintenance. Fleet Basic significantly increases the safety of fleet drivers, giving them the benefit of detailed route planning, proof of service and reduced administration burdens. Fleet Basic monitors working hours accurately and makes it easier to plan staffing requirements.

How does it work? With its many advanced product features, Fleet basic is specifically designed with your Fleet as its top priority:
Fleet Basic is always active as it communicates with our servers constantly. In the event of an emergency, the reporting frequency of the device can be increased;
Fleet Basic is a GSM/GPRS Based with our strong GSM Partners coverage vehicle can be tracked almost anywhere in eastern Africa
Fleet Basic is equipped with Data storage of up to 48hours In the even of vehicle traveling on no coverage zone information will be stored and deployed to the servers;
Fleet Basic is equipped with Lion high capacity battery in the event of main power loss the unit will continue transmitting its even for the up to 120hours;
Fleet basic operates with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle within an accuracy range of just five meters;
Fleet basic provides a report on your vehicle trips, a valuable tool for motor insurance and business mileage claims.
Fleet basic is a fully web based operating system, with redundancies servers around the world to insure minimum system breakdowns;
Fleet basic users can enjoy accessing and viewing their Fleet from anywhere in the would where there is internet accesses, through laptop, desktop, palm tops or even standard mobile phones;
Every Fleet basic client t is provided with a secured username and password for simple accessing though our user friendly web ite www.i-spyafrica.com


Only our specially trained technicians are authorized to perform installations, with each technician undergoing regular security screening to ensure maximum safety of your fleet. The system installation is done by our mobile team or at one of our fitment centers. All installations are coordinated by our fitment control centre for your convenience. Installation period less than 4 hours depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

System Features

If GPRS is not available, system switch to SMS communication automatically

  • Selectable reporting time interval for both GPRS and SMS;
  • SOS emergency button on the remote for help (optional);
  • Voice monitoring (optional);
  • 100% waterproof, vibration proof;
  • Built in 2800mah battery;
  • Built in GPS/GPRS antenna;
  • Built in 2000 pcs data logger;
  • Firmware remotely upgrade;
  • Optional remote control;
  • Opional engine cut solution;
  • Wide input power range (DC 10V~30V), good for any vehicle;
  • Using 2 tri-band Siemens ( 850/1800/1900Mhz, 900/1800/1900Mhz;
  • Siemens GSM/GPRS module for world coverage;
  • Super sensitivity SiRF III GPS module;
  • Store GPS data when GPRS is available;
  • In GPRS roaming, it will switch to economical mode for data reporting automatically;
  • Parking Geo-fence reporting and driving Geo-fence reporting;
  • Mobile SMS reporting for any violation (optional);
  • Optional outputs for immobilizer to cut power or vehicle engine;
  • Fixed and waterproof power charge cable Embedded vibration sensor for easy anti-theft reporting;
  • Embedded 2800mah rechargeable battery to provide main power cut reporting;
  • PC program set up/SMS set up.