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24/7 Operation

Our servers are always online with multiple redundancies ensuring no single points of failures. As a result, we are able to provide you with a superior service at a lower cost compared to our competitors ensuring that our clients maximise their return on investment in a timely fashion.


User Friendly Solutions

All our solutions are provided 100% via the internet ensuring accessibility to all users accross multiple devices. As a reuslt our solution is all encompassing, accommodating the most remote users as well as those on the move. All our interfaces are common accross our platforms ensuring consistency and reducing re-training costs.


Great Customer Support

We have a control room that is manned by a team of dedicated staff with a wealth of experience in the logistics and transportation industry. As a result we can proudly boast that we are the only tracking firm in the whole of Kenya that provides customer in a consistently structured environment. Pay us a visit and find out why.


Resourceful Staff

Our staff are well equipped and trained to assist you above and beyond their call to duty. Our control room is equipped with state of the art equipment including: 2 LED TVs, dedicated internet connection, a workbench for working on mobile units, robust workstations & a routing server.Don’t take our word for it, pay us a visit.


Improved Security

We are in continuous communications with our support teams on the ground along all major highways. This complements our Fleet Management & Cargo Tracking operations enabling us to inform our clients in the event of an accident and alert our teams/police to the scene. We are always first responders and have overseen more than 150 accident rescue and fraud aversion operations.


Continuous Innovation

As a largely technology reliant organisation, we continuously innovate in order to serve our clients better but also to remain relevant in the industry. A large number of our solutions are spearheaded internally and as of March 2013, have began efforts to bringing our clients closer into the folds of our organisation through targeted business process integration.


East African Presence

We are the only logistics support organisation in Kenya that caters for the entire East African Community. Our mobile units, are able to communicate with our servers accross the 5 economies ensuring reliable service delivery indeiscriminant of economic bounderies.


Experiential Service Delivery

Our service delivery continuously evolves to cater for our numerous clients and their requirements. As a result, our staff is trained to learn and improve on a seamless I Spy Africa service delivery. This in turn makes our service delivery superior as each client’s expectations are continously met according their needs and requirments.

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